Client ········· TECHO
Work ··········· Recruitment campaign
Published ······ 2017

Take the law into your own hands
TECHO is the biggest private NGO for the construction of social housing solutions in South America and its building capacity relies entirely on its volunteers. During the last couple of years gather new volunteers was a struggle for them, especially young ones, so they asked us to create a recruitment campaign, with no production budget, to increase the number of volunteers for 2018.

"Take the law into your own hands" is the concept we choose, a concept that generally has a negative meaning, but when you build houses for homeless people, what you’re doing is social justice, and ironically, by your own hands. We took real volunteers and went through the most needed and conflicted areas of Chile with them to make a call for people to take justice into their own hands, with amazing results on the press, social media, and even street demonstrations.

2018 — Santiago, Chile