Agency ········· Impolite Culture GmbH
Client ········· Paramount+
Published ······ February 2023
Role  ·········· Art Direction

“When we got asked to create something punk and bold for the launch of Paramount's first german drama original series we knew that the task was huge. And were also crazy happy to be the punk creative agency that does things a bit different. So here we go!” Lorenzo Musiu, Managing Director Impolite GmbH


By the end of 2022 I was invited to participate in the Art Direction of this beautiful project. To give life visually to the release campaign of the first German drama original series produced by Paramount+, premiered together with the launching of the  streaming service in Germany. Working together with Impolite GmbH and the incredible talented team they assembled was a really inspiring journey, and the work we developed was rolled out nationwide, which is a first for me in Germany.

Agency and Production Company: Impolite Culture GmbH
ECD & Executive Producer: Lorenzo Musiu
Creative & Copy:Eike Frederik Schulz, Arndt Poguntke
Art Directors:Leandro Bordoni, Octavio Ojeda, Mareike Geisker
Design: Giulia Vigna, Irina Gritsay, Stasia Lutova
Strategy: Maria Francesca Staehle
Producer: Jennifer Bachert
Photographer: Peter Kaaden
Motion Design: Shoko Hara
Editor: Ben Leach

2018 — Santiago, Chile