Agency ········· Aldea Santiago
Client ········· Jumbo Supermarket
Published ······ April 2018
Role  ·········· Concept and Art Direction


Jumbo is the Chilean supermarket with the best selection of premium, organic and international products. But how do you show to the customers that the supermarket carefully selects every product you can find in the store, especially with meat being one of the hardest to prove its origin?

We traveled directly to the main meat producers Jumbo works with around the world and met up with the owners and workers of these farms to hear what makes their product special.

Besides creating the concept, I was tasked with the Art Direction of the TV commercial and the photos that would be part of the assets for the campaign in several touchpoints.

*Subtitles available on Youtube

Main TVC


Denver, CO, USA

Osorno, Chile

Creative Director ······ Leo Herrera
Copywriter ············· Hugo Vásquez
Art Direction ·········· Octavio Ojeda
Graphic Design ········· Fernando Yoris

2018 — Santiago, Chile