Client ········· INTERSPORT
Work ··········· Brand Identity
Published ······ May 2021

INTERSPORT Marketing Services - IMS - is the marketing services company of INTERSPORT Germany - the Germany’s most successful association in sports retail.

The challenge here was to create a strong and fresh brand image for the marketing office, that could still live within the sports tradition and style of the main brand - INTERSPORT.

The logo font
The chosen font for the logotype was Eurostile Extended Black, a font with sleek and compact design, and a strong personality that can easily connect with sports.

The logotype
To make the logo easy to read, and hard to forget, a combination of the INTERSPORT symbol and the company initials, IMS, was assembled.

Colour palette
Predominately black and white, the accent is created using yellow, the color of the bolt, of speed, and of action.

The font
To work in harmony with the weight of Eurostile, we chose a classic redesigned, the IBM Plex Sans is an easy to read, modern and digital first font family.

Key Visuals

2018 — Santiago, Chile