Client ········· HERO.
Work ··········· Brand Identity
Published ······ June 2022

Herodot (HERO.) is a soon-to-open restaurant, bar and nightlife spot in the heart of Berlin.

I was commissioned to create their visual and brand identity, with a clear input from the owners, to be inspired in the ancient Greek historian, geographer Herodotus of Halicarnassus.

With this in mind, I created a mellow and retro brand, inspired in Herodot, as pronounced in German, and the greek ancient culture, to bring the love for food, drinks and lust into the table.

History has been written, and rewritten. With an eye on the traditions, let’s rewrite it once again.

A history that makes more sense for us, with our people, our places, and our songs.

The font
The chosen font was IBM Plex Mono, as it adds a tad of seriousness to level how playful the logo is

The Logo
The l


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