Client ········· 44
Work ··········· Brand Identity
Published ······ December 2023

In November 2024 I was commissioned the development of the new cool kid on the block, a full-scale cultural project.

The 44 is a cultural hub created in light of the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop.
The space celebrates Hip-Hop through exhibitions, events, and workshops, and houses a cafe and curated Hip-Hop shop and they commisioned me with their whole brand development. 

The namet takes its name out of the address where it’slocated in Berlin: Stralauer Allee 44.

This number coincidentally, is also the foundation on which hip-hop stands, musically speaking, the most basic unit of a song; 16 bars, or 4 beats and 4 bars, 4/4.

The logo
Creating the brandmark upon the number 44 gives the chance to build a long-lasting brand, independent from the location, and relevant in the hip-hop, and urban culture.

The font system
The font system is a mix that balances high impact with easy readability.

Colour palette
The color palette is as simple as it gets, black and white, timeless, classic, powerful. But the main reason for the reduced color palette is the spectrum of artists and people the 44 will commemorate, empower, lift, and discover through its platform, with their colors, their voices, and their talent, we want our brand to walk along and among them, always in harmony.

The tone of voice
Our voice is unapologetically confident and charismatic, echoing the dynamic energy of the streets. We speak in the language of innovation, effortlessly blending authenticity with a forward-thinking attitude.

It's a voice that commands attention, giving a sense of empowerment and style that resonates with those at the forefront of urban culture.

With a nod to the past and a keen eye on the future, our word is a vibrant and influential force shaping the cultural narrative.

Key Visuals

2018 — Santiago, Chile